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Sometimes you will get some scale buildup in your ionizer.  Not necessarily in the chamber due to the cleaning system but in the tubes.  You can use the instructions below for cleaning out any scale buildup.  If it happens on a frequent basis you may wish to invest in the IonizerArmor which will prevent scale buildup
Click here to download the instructions for cleaning your ionizer

The Biostone Plus filter is a newer filter and can be installed differently than what is stated in your manual.  There are instructions on the filter for installation but below is a copy of those instructions
Click here to download the instructions for installing the BIOSTONE Plus filter

The Melody, Venus and Athena are countertop units that can be installed under the sink with the optional kit.  Below are the instructions showing how this kit is used to instal your ionizer under the sink
Click here to download the installation instructions for the Under the Sink Kit